Vitality Center Sebastopol

Off-Site & Community Outreach Services

Off-Site Massage Therapy:

Our service rate is per-therapist per-hour for table or chair massage and includes travel costs to and from location, set up and break down time, 60 minutes hands on customized table massage or three 20 minute chair massages. We can bring four (4) chair massage therapists or four (4) table massage therapists or a combination of the two on-site to you. $200.00 Please contact us to book off-site services.

Add-on options for your next special event or gathering:

  • 40 min - Ayurvedic Facials $150.00 Minimum of two (2) reservations off-site
  • 20 min - Tarot/Oracle Card Readings $50.00 Minimum of four (4) reservations off-site
  • Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reading - 20 Minutes $50.00

    Welcome to book a session with me for an intuitive Oracle and Tarot Card reading with me. I offer a deeper dive into physical pain using the resources found in the book of Metaphysical Anatomy if that is the focus and Mediumship available when appropriate. This is a 20–30-minute session.

  • 30 min - Custom Aroma therapy blend includes a foot soak $60.00 Minimum of three (3) reservations off-site. 
  • Custom Aroma Therapy 

    A custom essential oil blend for you based on your needs:

    Special Occasion
    Desired Outcome
    Big 3: Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs

    You will receive a 2oz. rollerball, a 4oz. mist, and the recipe! And a fabulous foot soak to ease the tensions of the day.

Community Events & Festivals

We are active in community wellness and wellbeing events and small business community, supporting local entrepreneurs holding a healing space for heart centered businesses. Please contact us to add us to your next event.


Off-Site Chair Massage

Sebastopol Community Market 10-year anniversary .